Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 Tips for Anorexia Kids

1. Do not worry

Many levels as I felt my father was very worried when their children eat less than other children. If your baby is developing normally, there is nothing ominous first friend.

Tips for Anoxeria Kids

2. Do not push children

Whether in any circumstances, you absolutely should not force children to eat when they're not wanted. Let them decide by themselves what they will eat.

3. Do not praise children

You think the compliment while encouraging children to eat them, do they want to eat more. Fact quite the opposite. Let me realize that eating is not what it is commendable that privilege, to eat more healthy, more so tall, not to please parents.

4. Please favor

Try cooking show that really caught the eye with various colors. Sometimes you should also accept some left khoay interests of the child. Please accept the regular processing of an item that they liked rather than force them to eat every day foods that you deem adequate nutrition and is essential for their resistance.

5. Meals should not last too long

A child's diet should only take up within 30 minutes. You should not let kids got home, sucking or chewing away ruminant meat or vegetable stalks, do not push the child. In the event, a bowl of rice is too much, you could take another 10 minute meals and do not appear anxious, tired or upset. Imagine that there is a camera towards you and of course, you're starring in a comedy.

6. Split meals

A bowl full of earth did not stimulate a child's appetite at all. On the contrary, it makes children afraid to tears. Please put in the rice bowl of youth is only a small piece of meat, few vegetables and some rice. If kids want more, you replace the old dish with a few other items to stimulate their appetite. And you should always uphold the independence for the self-exposure by children to eat what they like.

7. Do not eat anything before meals

You should not give children any snacks before any meal. The meal was also located in the kitchen or in the refrigerator (fruit, cheese, ham ...) is always attractive to younger, but they contribute to children's meal break. Created for children are not snacking habits at an early age is essential.

8. It cleverly

You should not be too strict compliance rules for children. Do not punish the child refuses to eat, by contrast, do not praise them excessively.

Please remove the dictatorship of your table. Do not tell children that they have made you sad, angry that their anorexic behavior. If you feel unhappy, let the anger go away, but do not do it in front of children.

9. Say "no" to odd advice

You absolutely must not heed the instructions very weird, chaotic and even contradictory of those around them.

10. Do not allow children to eat too much

Body to absorb excessive nutrients in a short period of time proportional to the frequency of obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis and vascular and involves many other consequences. Pressuring children to eat too much means you'll have to take them to the doctor sooner.

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